After a successful first Hearthstone tournament series in collaboration with the LionZ we are launching the next one this Saturday! But this time it has a nice little twist.


A new format with an old partner


With nearly a year having passed without a CATURIX tournament, the next one was meant to happen soon. As the Protector Cup Series was well received in the community it was clear that we will launch another one. We were just not sure what format it should have. It took a while but after some time, a new idea was found. Not the LionZ players themselves would fight in a tournament but their communities, representing their “Pack Leaders”. And this is how the Pack Rivalry by CATURIX was born.

With this format we want to encourage the interactions between the different communities and create a healthy competition to encourage everyone to become better in Hearthstone. And maybe some of you will be able to beat your “Pack Leaders” one day with such training.

During the Pack Rivalry series, you will find all the results here on the Blog. After the first qualifier the structure will be adjusted so that you can easily find all the results of the last qualifiers and playoffs. So stay tuned and drop by after the qualifiers to see who was able to advance to the playoffs.


How does it work?


Now let’s get into the technical stuff. Here I will shortly explain how the tournament series works and what you need to know.

First things first:
The individual qualifier and playoff is a single-elimination event.
It is played with the three deck, best-of-three Conquest format with a ban.
For more details, check out the Battlefy page of the tournament.

And now the fun part:
There will be five players from the LionZ each hosting their own qualifiers. Their own community can participate and try to reach the Top 3 in order to advance to the playoffs.

After the five qualifiers the playoffs are up next. There will be only 15 representatives left to fight for the glory. Below a small visual aid to help understand.



You might think why only 15 representatives at the playoffs? Well I can say this much: There will be 16 players during the playoffs. Stay tuned to find out who the final contestant will be!



Why a tournament series?


I wanted to support the LionZ and their community as it was a great experience during the Protector Cups. But I wanted to do more and help everyone to become better at Hearthstone. That in mind the Pack Rivalry was established as a great way to the fulfil the wish to help everyone who wants to improve their skills.

So have fun and enjoy the new Pack Rivalry by CATURIX, starting this Saturday!


Make sure to check out their homepage and socials and leave them a follow if you haven’t already.


Stay healthy and keep your head in the game.


One tribe. One passion.


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