I am everywhere. And always with you. However, I cannot do everything by myself. That’s why I have put together a multifaceted team whose members all follow the same goals: to serve sport, to develop top equipment for e-sport athletes and to ensure social and ecological sustainability.

Included in the clan are the following character heads

  • Stephan, the tailor
  • Ruedi, the locomotive
  • Michael, the merchant
  • Pascal, the thinker
  • Nicola, lord of bits and bytes
  • Vincent, the communicator
  • Eric, lord of pencil and eraser
  • Water, the illustrator
  • Louie, the planner
  • Angela, the inspector
  • Jenny, Dita, Franzi and Vlora, the Goddesses of Shipping
  • Cédric, the artist (cedricfacchin.com)
  • Kerstin, the technician (lovebytes.de)
  • And many more!

Smaller, insignificant facts are of course also part of my story. How many cups of coffee were drunk, how many evenings and weekends were worked and how many midday pike jumps were made in Lake Zurich. But I will spare you that at this point.

But important; My clan and I were looking for perfection with a cool head. And to find solutions. think that we succeeded excellently.

Every journey begins with the first step – the ancient Chinese already knew that. Until now, ours has been very exciting, impressive, and challenging. In any case, it is far from being over. We have only arrived at the 2nd phase. I’m looking forward to what’s coming.

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