More than 2,000 years ago, I was already the god of the old Helvetians, kind of a local celebrity. We Swiss tend to understatement, because I was very famed, indeed. Six inscriptions were found many years later and are a testimony of my existence. In Avenches even a temple was dedicated to me, near Yverdon another temple with a consecration inscription was discovered.

As the main god for the Celtic Helvetian people, I was responsible for the welfare of my tribe. Sacrifices were made and people prayed to me. On one hand for peace, nutrition, aid and protection. On the other hand, for fortune and victory in the next battle.

The Helvetic combatants at that time were known and appreciated throughout the Celtic Empire for their bravery.

And now I am back again. With my Swiss roots and heritage, I feel responsible today for the well-being of all e-Sports athletes. I want to support you on your way to the next victory and make you a better athlete. All concentration on the next mission, no unnecessary thoughts about trivial matters. Full focus on what counts. The spirit the old Helvetians had. Just in the global competitions of e-sports.

I have my tribal residence today in Pfäffikon Schwyz, at the beautiful Lake of Zurich. Where tradition, integrity and commitment meet innovation and pioneering spirit. Other parts of my crew can be found in Southern Germany, in Owen/Teck near Stuttgart – and in the world metropolis Hong Kong, just before the gates of Southern China and in the Arabian Peninsular city of Dubai & Riyadh.

Today’s world is global and digital. But not only that. I am always there for you. Join my tribe and become part of something big.

Hopp Schwiiz.