After the first year of the partnership with the Playing Ducks I am excited to extend our collaboration for another year! We have a lot planned for the upcoming period.


First we will take a look back at the start of the partnership with the Playing Ducks. Early last year the partnership was announced and I was excited to support such a well-known and respected esports organisation. The Playing Ducks are known as a great starting team if you want to enter the esports world in Germany.


The first year


During the first year their players were able to achieve some great feats.

  • Runner-Up W3IL (Warcraft 3 League) Season 4
  • Qualified for the Dota 2 ESLM championship 2021
  • Secured 1. Division spot in the RainbowSix Ascension League
  • Relegated to the 2. Division of the Prime League


This shows that their players are very ambitious and want to reach the highest leagues and compete with the best players and teams. And even as an entry team they are able to pull this off, which demonstrates their will and dedication to the game. Even as they relegate to a lower Division in the Prime League their goal is clear: To get back into the 1. Division.

That is exactly why the Playing Ducks fit perfectly into the tribe as they share the same values as I do.


Upcoming plans


As the partnership with the Playing Ducks is extended we have some great plans coming up this year. Some of their players will be equipped so that all their gear is safe during their travels. At least as soon as offline events are possible again. Next to their players we are also working closer together with their streamers to generate some awesome content for you. And there is even more planned. But it is a bit too early to spoil anything. What I can already tell you is that towards the end of this year we have something planned for the community!


I am more than happy to continue the partnership with the Playing Ducks and wish their players and staff best of luck for the upcoming seasons!



Make sure to check out their homepage and socials and leave them a follow if you haven’t already.


As always: Stay safe and take care!


One tribe. One passion.


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