The Race to World First (RWF) for the Sanctum of Domination World of Warcraft (WoW) starts today! After choosing the Erupt Lounge in Bern, Switzerland as their offline venue I wanted to help them in their quest to become the World First. With Echo now safe and sound at the Erupt Lounge, they are ready to take on the new raid.



Journey to Switzerland

Echo Esports has made the decision to hold their RWF at the Erupt Lounge in Bern. Unfortunately, not all the players are able to make the trip due to travel regulations. But those who came needed some sort of protection to transport all of their gear. Especially against the malicious intentions of Zovaal the Jailer which they want to stop. Because they travel through my lands, I offered them my protection to safely get them to the Erupt Lounge in Bern. The Echo members do not know that I will visit them and have a small gift awaiting. Which is why I am really excited to go to the Erupt Lounge and hand them their present.



Prep Work

In order to be able to take on the new raid on mythic difficulty, the Echo members need to prepare themselves very well. Going through the raid on heroic difficulty shows already certain abilities and movement patterns. This allows them to anticipate the best class combinations for this raid which might change for the mythic difficulty. After slaying all the bosses on heroic, it just is a rinse and repeat to farm the gear in order to increase the guild members stats for all the classes they need. With every run they do their overall gearscore increases, the positioning becomes better and the Echo members internalize all the patterns. Having this knowledge makes it a lot easier to adapt to new circumstances and change the strategies for the individual bosses if necessary.



Raid Release

When the release of the mythic difficulty raid is here, all the WoW guilds will rush to the portal in The Maw to enter the raid and compete in the RWF. Then it comes all down to their strategies and skill to execute those. There are going to be many streams, from Echo as guild as well as their members. Make sure to tune in and cheer for your favourite guild and guild member!

Check out this link to see who is streaming: Echo Streams



Good luck to Echo for their Race to World First!



One tribe. One passion.


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