My new e-tail partners


I am proud to tell you that my products are available on and! With these two new partners I am sure that I can support even more gamers in Switzerland and that the tribe will grow even further. As a Swiss brand it was clear to me that at one point I would have to search for local partners to help me. And I found two great ones!




All of you have heard from Brack which is why I don’t need to introduce them to you. Yet I want to say a little something about their activities. With over 20 years of experience the company has been around for quite some time. And they know what they’re doing when it comes to engaging with their community. For over ten years already, Brack supports different LAN Parties like the ButterLan or Lock and Load, which are well established events in Switzerland. Not only events but also players are being supported by Brack, for example the FIFA esports team of the FCB. Their support continues with the eParadise in Zurich which is a gaming bar that has its own teams which are also supported by Brack. This shows me that they have a long lasting interest to help the community. With such an involvement in the Swiss gaming community, it was an easy one to choose Brack as new partner.




As one of the biggest online stores in Switzerland, Digitec came a long way and is well established. When you need gaming hardware in Switzerland Digitec is one of the sites you check. With the esports community and market growing, Digitec started quite some time ago to organise the Digitec Playground Cups. Every now and then the Digitec community gets to choose which game will be played in these cups. Just like this past weekend where they had their finals in Rainbow Six: Siege. This approach allows the community to vote for their favourite game and influence the decision. This is a great way to engage with the gamers and let them know that Digitec wants to support them. Looking at Digitec as one of the largest online stores in Switzerland and their increasing engagement with the community, it was quickly decided to join forces.



I know this affects only the Swiss community of the tribe. But I am far from done finding new partners. There are currently some plans in motion that shall help me to support even more gamers in other countries. Maybe I will be able to announce a new partner in the near future. We will see…


Until then stay healthy, stay safe and game on.


One tribe. One passion.


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