Best performance when it counts. Delivering above-average performance at key moments makes all the difference. Your mental and physical concentration is important, as is your equipment. CATURIX, as it was 2000 years ago, puts strong companions by your side. This allows you to concentrate 100% on the game. The eSport backpacks bear the names of the Rhaeto-Romanic language, an ancient idiom spoken in south-eastern Switzerland. ATTACHADER means the attacker, DECISIUN the decision and CUMBATTANT the fighter.

“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”


CATURIX is the companion for gamers and eSportsmen. The war god of the Helvetians protects your equipment and leads you to victory with smart gear. Whether casual or pro – the highly developed eSport accessory cases offer great benefits for all those who set out on the road. Become a clan member and get your companion!


Always rely on CATURIX. Whatever happens,
I’m there for you. A whole lifetime.

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It’s the little things that make all the difference.
CATURIX takes responsibility and uses 100% recycled main materials.

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As esports pro I travel a lot. With CATURIX I found a backpack that offers enough space for all of my equipment and fits perfectly with its ergonomic design. The backpack is very comfortable to carry, even on long trips and my equipment is always well protected.”

Kim “Phantomles” Storm

Since the launch of the gaming brand CATURIX, my gaming hardware at events is more protected than ever. Gaming and Travel has a name, CATURIX!”

Playing Ducks | Thorsten Mohr

“I always need 100% focus. The CATURIX ATTACHADER gives me a feeling of security. There’s not a second where I need to worry about my gear. Mouse, Keyboard, Headset, everything is always in good hands. The backpack is my loyal companion, every event.”

BIG (Clan) | Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik


As god of war of the celtic people of the Helvetians I was responsible for the protection of my tribe. With Swiss roots and Helvetian heritage I feel responsible for the well-being of all eSport athletes today…